Dog’s Leg Chopped Off For Dog Meat But Rescued By Animal Activist

This small dog, named Liberty was recently rescued from the cold hands of death. It was already listed on the menu list to be served to dog eaters in a meat market in Cambodia.

To prevent the little dog from running away, its front legs were chopped off. With that, it’ll be easier for the dog killer to slit its throat and cut its meat to pieces for dog eaters. What cruelty!

But Liberty was rescued. He was saved by an animal activist Marc Ching who traveled from California to Cambodia. Ching pretended to be a dog eater and asked to buy the dog to save its life.

Ching brought the dog to the United States and had a leg fitted for her. He had to travel from California to Virginia in order to help little Liberty walk again.

According to Derrick Campana, President and CEO of Animal Ortho Care in Sterling, they successfully completed the procedure. He also said that they “casted her and fit her with a new set of prosthetic legs.”

The dog is expected to recover after two weeks and start walking around. According to WJLA, “the plastic and foam legs will better align Liberty’s spine and allow her to walk and run freely again.”

Liberty is not the only dog that has suffered this ordeal in Cambodia. Dogs at the meat market in Cambodia are thoroughly beaten and starved before been killed to make them submissive to their killers.

Thanks to the animal activist for rescuing Liberty!

News: WJLA